Vapor Degreaser Maintenance and Cleanouts

Vapor Degreaser Maintenance and Cleanouts

Maintenance of your vapor degreaser includes cleaning and neutralizing your vapor degreasing equipment on a set schedule. A cleanout removes harmful and damaging acid that forms in your machinery over time and will ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency. Cleanouts should be performed every six to twelve months, depending on the contamination level and throughput. Filters, if any, should also be changed at his time.

Power Kleen is an independent company which specializes in vapor degreaser maintenancwe and cleanouts. The Power Kleen staff is highly qualified to provide exemplary vapor degreaser maintenance on-site at your facility.

Power Kleen offers regularly scheduled vapor degreasing cleanout services that:

  • Extend the life of your machinery
  • Keeps your equipment running smoothly
  • Helps keep the process economical by significantly reducing solvent consumption

Typically, Power Kleen will:

  • Clean all solvent and vapor-wetted surfaces with soda ash, water and a surfactant solution to remove oxidation, rust and acid deposits, paying special attention to the condensation trough area, the solvent/air interface and water separator.
  • Clean heaters and Cal-rods thoroughly to remove baked-on deposits to minimize hot spots.
  • Check safety thermostats and adjust them as necessary for proper set points.
  • Ensure proper safety and instruction labeling is present, and we submit a written service report for your records.

Contact Power Kleen, or another similar service, to set up a maintenance and cleanout schedule in order to get the most out of your vapor degreasing equipment.