Data Centers

Data Centers

Data centers are the hub of a company’s important information and processes. Enviro Tech can help in the cooling process for your data center with EnSolv Fluoro IC (immersion cooling liquid). With the high energy consumption that comes with traditional cooling methods, immersion cooling is likely to become the standard in modern and future data centers. Immersion-cooled data centers are more energy-efficient, faster, reliable and reduces overall costs for businesses. EnSolv Fluoro IC is an ideal solution for your cooling needs as it is safe for contact with server electronics and computing processes. The solvent is also compatible with stainless steel, aluminum, iron, and every other metal commonly used in electronics.

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EnSolv Fluoro IC

EnSolv Fluoro IC is a solvent specifically designed for immersion cooling applications. Its mixture of physical and chemical properties, paired with preferable environmental properties make it an ideal solution for many customer’s needs.
EnSolv Fluoro IC can be used for immersion cooling in a variety of applications. Its higher boiling point, low pour point and preferable environmental properties make this an ideal solvent for use in certain industries.
Enviro Tech’s EnSolv Fluoro IC offers outstanding benefits such as:

• Zero Surface Residue
• Low Surface Tension
• Low Viscosity
• NON-Flammable
• NO Flash Point
• High Boiling
• Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
• GWP of 1


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