Refrigerant Flush


The longer an HVAC system is in operation, the greater the chance that it will require flushing. This is because contamination from moisture, carbon residue, acids and other particulate matter can become clogged in the lines. This is a problem particularly after a failure such as a compressor burnout. When this happens, it is necessary to clean out the lines before the system can be returned to service. Otherwise, it may not function as well as it did before, if it functions at all.

Finding an effective refrigeration flushing solvent is critically important. A solvent for flushing a refrigeration system must be effective at dissolving contaminants, safe for the environment, fast-evaporating and nonflammable. That’s why customers rely on Enviro Tech when it’s time for converting, retrofitting, dealing with compressor burnout or standard maintenance.

EnSolv® NEXT Solvent for Refrigerant Flushing

EnSolv® NEXT is a complete refrigerant flush solvent for HVAC applications. This powerful product is capable of removing all contaminants trapped inside the line sets while evaporating entirely and leaving behind zero residue. Our refrigerant flush is also nonflammable and produces no hazardous air pollutants, making EnSolv® NEXT the perfect solution for any refrigerant flushing project.

Advantages of using EnSolv® NEXT include:

  • Nonflammable — Because it has no flash point, you can use it safely without the risk of combustion.
  • High solvency strength — It has a KB value of 91, meaning it can cut through even the most stubborn substances that could be clogging your line.
  • Fast-evaporating — Using this as an HVAC line flush means no residue will be left behind that could cause performance issues in your equipment.
  • No hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) — This means you can use it without concern about introducing dangerous substances into the environment.
  • SNAP-approved — The Significant New Alternatives Policy program established under the Clean Air Act establishes substitutes for certain substances that deplete the ozone layer.
  • Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) — Unlike previous refrigerant flush kit options, our “enviro flush” has a significantly lower risk of harming the ozone layer.
  • Low global warming potential — If you’re concerned about your environmental footprint, this product can help you rest easier by reducing your potential impact.

Enviro Tech is Your Go-To Source

We’re dedicated to creating comprehensive solutions that meet the unique needs and specifications of a variety of industries. Our experienced and skilled professionals also devote themselves to finding the most environmentally friendly options for all our products and services. That is why countless customers in many of the most demanding fields in the world trust us for their cleaning needs. To learn more about EnSolv® NEXT or any of our other offerings, reach out and request a quote from us today.

Put EnSolv® Metal Degreasers to Work for You

Our versatile degreasing agents for metal are specifically designed to help maintain high product quality, safety and environmental compliance, and profitability when used as part of nearly any metal finishing process.

EnSolv® is trusted the world over by companies large and small for their outstanding advantages over other industrial metal cleaning solvents. These advantages include:

  • Superior acid neutralization
  • White metals acid prevention
  • Superior soil lifting: (EnSolv® KB value = 130, NEXT® Solvents KB Value = 91)
  • Rust formation prevention
  • Minimal non-volatile residue
  • S. EPA SNAP approved
  • Less hazardous air pollutant
  • Non-ozone layer depleting
  • Low global warming potential
  • Very short environmental fate
  • Biodegrades readily in the environment
  • Safer decomposition
  • … and more!