Automotive Industry

When it comes to cleaning, you can count on our specialists to provide a comprehensive solution that meets your needs during the process of auto design, manufacture and repair. Our high-performance degreasers such as EnSolv and NEXT-HD Pro offer an advanced solution for a safer cleaning process. Enviro Tech has a solution for all your needs from ensuring the cleaning of various parts without rusting, removal of grease, oils and lubricants leaving parts clean and dry, to the overall cleanliness of automotive working and assembly areas.

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NEXT-HD Pro has broad spectrum cleaning capability for many types of contaminants including cutting oils, heavy greases, stamping oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, vacuum oils, mineral oils, waxes and adhesives. NEXT-HD Pro leaves zero surface residue, has low surface tension and is NON-Flammable, making it ideal for your automotive projects.


EnSolv® is our signature non-chlorinated, nonflammable nPB-based vapor degreasing and industrial cleaning solvent for metal. Used as a metal finishing cleaner for all types of machine parts, EnSolv® is ideal for removing organic soils such as machining oils, lubricants and heavy greases from metalworking tools, equipment and parts – leaving virtually no residue.