EnSolv Ex - Asphalt Extraction

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Asphalt Extraction Solvent Solutions

EnSolv®EX is an azeotropic mixture specifically blended for granular and bituminous extractions and is ideal for use in a variety of asphalt extraction methods. EnSolv®EX is an excellent choice as a replacement for methylene chloride and trichloroethylene for all extraction processes and does not require extensive retraining of employees or modifications to existing procedures. Enviro Tech’s 25 years of experience and expertise in developing stabilized n-propyl bromide based solvents means EnSolv®EX stands apart from other types of n-propyl bromide solvents on the market.

EnSolv®EX Solvent for Asphalt Extraction

EnSolv®EX breaks down the bitumen which serves as the binding agent holding asphalt aggregate material together. Once that bitumen is dissolved by EnSolv®EX, the asphalt aggregate can be collected and removed.

EnSolv®EX is based on n-propyl bromide, which was approved as an asphalt extraction solvent AASHTO T164 in June, 2005. EnSolv®EX is approved and conforms to ASTM D2172, D6368 and DF5404 and has been tested by the Federal Highway Authority for dissolving bitumen. EnSolv®EX is recyclable and re-usable through numerous distillation cycles.

EnSolv®EX uses low ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), USEPA SNAP approved compounds which also have very low global warming potential (GWP) making EnSolv®EX an ideal product for sustainable solvent recovery and recycling initiatives.

Why Choose Enviro Tech?

Enviro Tech is the recognized leader in stabilized n-propyl bromide and fluorinated solvents for industrial use. Our focus is on providing the most complete and comprehensive solutions for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Customers in multiple high-performance sectors turn to us because we understand their unique needs and requirements and provide ideal cleaning and coating solutions. You can count on our expertise, experience and and comprehensive product line to deliver the solutions and service your company needs.

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Using Solvent Safely

There are several protocols that you should use whenever these chemicals are part of your operations. First and foremost, proper ventilation is key. Keeping the air moving will prevent the fumes from lingering where workers can breathe them.

Isolation is another proven strategy for mitigating the risk. Whenever possible, keep the activities that utilize these solvents separate from the rest of your processes. This will ensure that only those employees who have direct contact with them have to worry about exposure.

Finally, the use of respirators and other personal protective equipment is required. This includes sleeves, aprons and chemical-protective gloves. Be sure that the gloves you provide are rated specifically to protect against nPB, such as polyvinyl alcohol or multilayer laminates. Most other materials offer little to no protection due to the nature of the chemicals.

Another proven strategy is to use other products that don’t present these issues. If you’re looking for alternatives to n-propyl bromide, view our line of fluorinated solvents here. Depending on your needs and facilities, these may be a better alternative.