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Medical Equipment Cleaning Solution

If you require solvent cleaning in medical equipment and device manufacturing, look no further than Enviro Tech. Consider Our EnSolv®, a stabilized, non-flammable, n-propyl bromide based solvent and our new patent pending NEXT 3000, a fluorinated solvent. Both are proven to meet all the stringent requirements for medical device manufacturing and are used worldwide for cleaning medical instruments, implants and other devices, including:

  • Needle carrier fluid
  • Canola lubricant carrier fluid
  • Orthopedic implants
  • Monitoring and information systems
  • Oxygen and gas lines
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EnSolv® Solvent for Medical Devices

Specially formulated to clean and remove microcontaminants in a single operation. Ensolv® cleans oils, lubricants, polishing compounds and organic contaminants from titanium, ceramics, polymers and numerous other metals and plastic substrates, leaving residue-free surfaces that meet the stringent standards of health care manufacturing facilities.

Preventing the spread of pathogens is one of the highest priorities in a medical device manufacturing environment, but it can be challenging due to the nature of most devices. Due to their complexity and precision tolerances, there are many grooves and crevices in which bacteria, viruses and fungi can take refuge. Using traditional water-based cleaning techniques risks not thoroughly cleaning these areas and the drying processes associated with water based cleaning are costly and time-consuming. Using Ensolv® for cleaning during medical equipment manufacturing is preferred because it can reach places ordinary water and detergents cannot. Ensolv®’s fast evaporating formula and ultra-low NVR ensures ultra clean parts.

Ensolv® is bromine based and our stabilizer package includes iso propyl and other alcohols. Thereore, athough Ensolv® is not classified as a disinfectant, it does contain compounds that are considered disinfectants. Therefore, Ensolv® may, in some cases, assist in your overall disinfection process. Individual situations must be tested in order that any anticipated effect regarding disinfection is verified.

NEXT 3000 Brand Fluorinated Solvent

NEXT 3000 is a nonflammable, fluorinated 1,2, trans-dichloroethylene blend formulated to meet a wide range of precision cleaning needs. Our patent pending hi-trans NEXT 3000 is perfectly suited for vapor degreasing in existing equipment, cold wiping applications, oxygen cleaning and many other functions. It is also used as a carrier fluid for the deposition of materials such as silicone, rust preventitives and other lubricants.

Choose Enviro Tech for All Your Needs

When you’re looking for medical cleaning solvents that deliver superior performance, look no further than Enviro Tech as many companies in high-performance industries have already done. We’re dedicated to providing the most effective medical cleaning solutions in the marketplace. To get more information about our capabilities and products, reach out to us today and speak with our specialists.