Supplying International Markets

Supplying International Markets

Enviro Tech International’s EnSolv® and NEXT® family of industrial cleaning solvents are used globally. Our international customers are serviced by a network of experienced chemical distributors around the world. If you are in an area without an international distributor, Enviro Tech can help you arrange to ship EnSolv® and NEXT® products directly from our Melrose Park, Illinois facility. We will work with your freight forwarder to ship FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less-Than-Container Load) and get your order delivered on time.

Various EnSolv® and NEXT® products are registered for import and use under the most recent new chemical regulations in China and South Korea. EnSolv® and NEXT® products are distributed in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and many additional countries. Our in-house legal staff spends considerable time monitoring international chemical regulations to ensure that our products meet the varying standards and requirements set by the international community. Enviro Tech will work with your freight forwarder to ensure that all import requirements are met with the proper labeling and paperwork before it leaves our facility.

Why Choose Enviro Tech?

Enviro Tech is the recognized leader in stabilized n-propyl bromide and fluorinated solvents for industrial use. Our focus is on providing the most complete and comprehensive solutions for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Customers in multiple high-performance sectors turn to us because we understand their unique needs and requirements and provide ideal cleaning and coating solutions. You can count on our expertise, experience and comprehensive product line to deliver the solutions and service your company needs.

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International Distributors

  • Best Chemical
  • Advanced Global
  • ASCC
  • Enviro Tech Australia
  • ENVIROUS INC (Envirotech Korea)
  • EnSolv Korea
  • Chin Shen
  • E-Jin
  • Shanghai Paper
  • HVL


****** NEXT C, our new proprietary 1,2 trans/fluorinated solvent, is qualified for use in all industrial sectors under the new Chinese VOC regulations and is available today! *******

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