Spent Solvent Recycling Program

Spent Solvent Recycling Program

***Enviro Tech International does not process spent solvent or solvent waste and will not accept spent solvent or solvent waste shipments in its facility. Do not ship spent solvent back to Enviro Tech International. All shipments of spent or waste solvent sent to Enviro Tech will be rejected and returned to the sender.***

Recycling and Waste Disposal of n propyl bromide Based Solvents

There are many fine companies across the country that provide recycling and/or disposal services for spent solvent, but many do not have the necessary expertise in handing n propyl bromide (1-bromopropane) based solvents properly. When choosing a waste disposal service, make sure that the service is experienced and knowledgeable regarding n propyl bromide solvents.

As an example, WRR Environmental Services of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is one of the top waste disposal companies dealing with n propyl bromide solvents in the US. WRR specializes in the handling and disposal of chemical waste and has many years of experience with n propyl bromide solvent waste. WRR offers a comprehensive spent n-propyl bromide waste solvent recycling program for EnSolv® and TechKleen® solvents and we recommend looking into their unique program for your n propyl bromide solvent waste handling needs. Many Enviro Tech customers across the country currently use the WRR program.

Q. What is the cost to take advantage of WRR’s program?

A. Typically, the shipping charges for sending non-hazardous spent solvent to WRR in Eau Claire, WI by common carrier is your only cost. WRR will assist you in choosing the best way to ship your spent solvent. However, if your waste is deemed hazardous due to deposits of other hazardous materials into the spent solvent, there will likely be additional charges.

Q. How do I qualify my spent n-propyl bromide for participation in the program?

A. Request information and a waste profile sheet from WRR by emailing [email protected] or call 7I5-834-9624 to speak with a WRR representative. Once you receive the packet from WRR, sample your waste as directed and package it with the completed waste profile sheet. Send the kit to WRR for a free analysis, which will determine if your waste is non-hazardous or hazardous for shipping and disposal purposes.

In our experience, spent EnSolv® by itself is normally determined to be non-hazardous waste. However, EnSolv® waste can be found to be a hazardous waste if your process adds other hazardous material, such as heavy metals, as contaminants to the spent solvent. In all cases, your waste MUST be tested by WRR before it is shipped to the WRR facility.

After completing the analysis, WRR will issue a letter indicating whether or not your waste qualifies for the cleaning chemical recycling program. If it qualifies, there are no additional charges to process your waste. At this point, you can either have WRR Environmental Services prepare shipping labels for your waste or you can prepare them yourself. These labels will need to be included with the spent solvent being sent to WRR.

Q. What are the benefits of solvent waste recycling?

A. Recycling is the most responsible form of solvent disposal available because it ensures solvents can be reused. It creates less of an impact on the environment. Compared to other types of solvent disposal, the recycling process also results in significant cost savings.