EV Battery Immersion Cooling Liquids

Electric Vehicle Batteries Immersion Cooling Liquids

When it comes to ev battery cooling liquids, you can count on our specialists to provide a comprehensive solution that meets your needs. Our high-performance immersion cooling fluid, Ensolv Fluoro-IC, is our solvent specifically designed for immersion cooling applications. Its mixture of physical and chemical properties, paired with preferable environmental properties make it an ideal solution for many customer’s needs.

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Features & Benefits

• Zero Surface Residue
• Low Surface Tension
• Low Viscosity
• NON-Flammable
• NO Flash Point
• VOC Exempt
• High Boiling

Environmental Properties

• Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
• GWP of 580


EnSolv Fluoro is for INDUSTRIAL USE only. It is not designed for consumer use.