EnSolv-Fluoro FS (Fire Suppression)

Used in data centers, backup battery rooms, electrical rooms (under 400 volts), sub-floors or tape storage libraries.

Ensolv-Fluoro FS

Ensolv Fluoro-FS (Fire Suppression) liquids vaporizes quickly when released, ensuring that it does not damage sensitive electronic systems such as data centers or server rooms. Additionally, Ensolv Fluoro-FS helps protect irreplaceable paper documents and electronics as it is a waterless fire suppression solution.  This product is both non-corrosive and free from any electrical charge.

Can be used as a direct substitute for solvents like 3M, 3M Novec® 1230, and others.

Features & Benefits

  • Zero Surface Residu
  • Low Surface Tension
  • Low Viscosity
  • NON-Flammable
  • NO Flash Point
  • VOC Exempt
  • High Boiling

Environmental Properties

  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • GWP < 1
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Safety margin >50% over design concentration
  • Room overpressure venting not required
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Minimal clean-up
  • Environmentally advantageous and cost-comparable alternative to FM-200, ECARO-25, and Halons/HFCs


EnSolv Fluoro has a quick evaporation rate and preferable environmental properties make this an ideal solvent for use in certain industries. It can also be used as a heat transfer fluid, due to its non-flammability. It can replace HFC, CFC and HCFC in many applications.

EnSolv Fluoro is for INDUSTRIAL USE only. It is not designed for consumer use.

Storage and Handling

EnSolv Fluoro is thermally stable and will not oxidize or degrade during storage under normal conditions. It is recommended to store the product inside a clean, dry area and out of direct sunlight or other heat sources. Do not freeze or store below
32°F (0°C) nor above 90°F (32°C) to prevent leakage or potential rupture of container due to contraction/expansion and pressure changes. Drum pumps are recommended to dispense the solvent from its container. Refer to the Safety Data
Sheet for more information or contact Enviro Tech for further assistance