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Why is vapor degreasing important to the aerospace industry?

Vapor degreasing is a critical cleaning process in the aerospace industry, as it is used to remove contaminants such as oils, greases, and other soils from aircraft and aerospace components. These contaminants can interfere with the performance and safety of these components, so it is important to remove them through a thorough and effective cleaning process.

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What industries is vapor degreasing used in?

Vapor degreasing is a cleaning process that uses solvents to dissolve and remove contaminants such as oils, greases, and other soils from various types of materials. It is commonly used in a wide range of industries and applications, including:

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5 Most Asked Questions About Vapor Degreasing

Is vapor degreasing safe?
When used properly, vapor degreasing is a safe and effective cleaning method. However, it is important to carefully follow safety guidelines and use appropriate personal protective equipment when handling solvents. Additionally, it is important to properly maintain and clean the vapor degreasing equipment to ensure the safety of the cleaning process.

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No Flash Point for EnSolv and nPB

See the video in the blog proving without a doubt the non-existence of a flash point for nPB.

This video first shows a flash point test for Trans Dichloroethylene (DCE), a halogenated solvent used in degreasing solvents with similar properties to n-Propyl Bromide. A flash point is recorded at temperatures of -14°C for Trans Dichloroethylene. The same test is performed for n-Propyl Bromide and no flash is recorded from temperatures between -16°C and 23°C.
– The test was conducted from -16°C to 23°C
– Conclusively, no flash was seen at any temperature interval
*The Flash Point test for nPB starts at 4:14*