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Krytox Removal - NEXT 3000

Krytox 240 AC; an incredibly hardy and therefore tough to remove aerospace grade lubricant is a pain point for many in the critical cleaning industry. NEXT 3000 by Enviro Tech in lab testing has proven to be a superior cleaning solvent for cleaning Krytox lubricant.

Krytox 240 AC lubricant was applied to a steel panel and then cleaned in a vapor degreaser using Enviro Tech’s NEXT 3000 solvent. From the pictures above, it can be seen that Krytox is easily removed using NEXT 3000.


Cleaning the Krytox proved interesting. Krytox in general is very difficult to remove. NEXT 3000 will remove Krytox from a steel coupon but not in the typical fashion. Instead of the solvent rinsing off the grease as in normally seen, the Krytox grease on the panel “swells” and then peels off the coupon.

Once the Krytox “swells” on the panel it is very easily rinsed off. Drips of solvent from the cooling coils or the agitation in the boiling sump are enough to remove the swollen Krytox. The easiest way to picture this is to think of how old fashion paint strippers work.

Interestingly no spots were ever left behind on the panel after NEXT 3000 removed the Krytox. With time the boiling NEXT 3000 in the boil sump will completely dissolve the Krytox.