3M Novec Replacement Solvents for Vietnam

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3M Replacement Solvents for Vietnam

3M NOVEC Replacement Solvents, now available in Vietnam for use across all industries!

Our extensive range of products serves as an alternative to hard-to-find or costly 3M Novec products, making them the perfect solution for your solvent replacement needs. Whether you’re looking to replace an HFC, CFC, HCFC, or nPB-based solvent, we have precisely what you require.

Our Mission

The following statements sum up Enviro Tech’s goals and philosophy:

  • We are the top supplier of stabilized n-propyl bromide and fluorinated solvents for industrial cleaning applications.
    Since creating the nPB solvent market in 1994, we’ve sought to be the best and most knowledgeable at what we do in order to best serve our customers.
  • We want nothing more than to keep you and your business operating smoothly and uninterrupted.
    Whether you are cleaning critical aircraft parts to specification or doing bulk degreasing of machined parts, our solvents will always be in stock when you order them, and our associates will always be available to support your technical concerns and questions.

Chemical Solvents Made for Industrial Use

Vietnam now has access to our cutting-edge engineered fluids, offering a comprehensive range of options to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our products are specifically tailored to deliver exceptional performance across manufacturing, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and more.

We understand the significance of meeting your requirements while providing cost-effective and readily available solutions. Our replacement solvents not only offer versatility but also adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring a reliable and sustainable choice for your operations. Our commitment lies in delivering top-quality and efficient solutions that enhance productivity and minimize environmental impact.

With our products now easily accessible in Vietnam, businesses from all sectors can enjoy the remarkable advantages offered by our solvents. Whether you require a replacement solvent for cleaning, degreasing, precision cleaning, or other applications, we have the ideal solution to fulfill your needs. Place your trust in our expertise to deliver the highest quality products for your industry.

Why Choose Enviro Tech?

Enviro Tech has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of precision cleaning solvents for over 25 years. With clients ranging from Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, GE, ITW, NASA to small and medium sized companies across the globe.

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